Coaching @ Papamoa FC

2024 Senior Coaches Required- If you are interested in coaching one of our Senior teams then please get intouch by expressing an interest on this link-

How We Can Help

Papamoa FC are committed to providing coach education training to support the game in the region.  In recent times clubs across the Bay have struggled to find qualified coaches because of the limited access to training in the area. 

We understand that coaching can be daunting, but we at Papamoa FC are here to support and develop our coaching network through our Director of Football and current coaches network.  We want to make sure any person wishing to get involved in coaching at Papamoa FC in the junior, youth or senior football pathways, thrives in developing the stars of tomorrow by all working together and supporting you through your coaching journey.  

Papamoa FC have highlighted the requirements to supply increased resource for coach training in the Bay.  We are commited to support our members wishing to apply for any NZF affiliated courses that will help us run and maintain Papamoa FC as one of the top clubs in the Bay of Plenty region.  Some courses are free, others are as coach pays, however Papamoa FC will support any re-imbursement of coaching training fees if we are made aware in advance that you wish to attend a course.

The training matrix below will provide you with an outline of courses available.  Please contact Carl Edwards our Director of Football on  We will be glad to discuss options with you.

For more information, go to the WaiBOP website to read about all the courses that are available.

Coach Education & Development

WaiBOP Football & Papamoa FC, in conjunction with Sport Waikato & Bay of Plenty, would like to build a network of community coach developers within our football clubs. Training and ongoing support will be offered to these people, with the intention of having more skilled people working closely with our volunteer coaches.  Papamoa FC will pay for any person wishing to attend any of the coaching courses on offer and support you to complete them 100%.

​​​​​​​For future courses please visit the WaiBOP coaches webpage here.

Good Sports

Good Sports® aims to create positive sporting experiences for Kiwi kids by supporting and educating the key adult influencers in children’s sport: parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport leaders. For more information visit  If your club is interested in finding out more about the good sports programme please indicate on the form.​​​​​​​

Further Info On Coaching Resources​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​There are also a number of other coaching resource material available to everyone through the football federations and NZ Football which can provide more information around coaching techniques and how to get involved.  We have provided some websites from our resources for oyu to review to bolster your coaching experience.  

For further information on any coaching courses on this page or for any course not listed, contact Carl at 


Dates will be added here in due course