PAPAMOA FC MightyMoas Boys & Girls (2016)


To participate in the MightyMoa sessions all players must have

  • Club shirt, socks and shorts These can be purchased at the same time as registering OR anytime after.
  • Plastic moulded boots (no metal sprigs) or sandshoes
  • Shinpads

Season Information and Equipment Needs

MightyMoas play Saturday morning. These are Boys and girls born in 2016. Females born in 2017 have the option of playing for either a Minimoa or MightyMoa. If born in 2017 and are female we will touch base and ask which programme is your preference.

This programme is dedicated to having fun.  

Team Size (5V5)

The MightyMoas will play both interclub games and games against other clubs on Saturday mornings.  More information will be provided once registrations are closed.

Season commencement: End of April or Start of May

More info will be sent out to registered players early April with all the details.