‘’The Papamoa Way’’

Our Club Philosophy ‘’The Papamoa Way’’

“Every Player Matters” and “Every Member Matters” are our mottos.

‘’Every Player Matters’’ This means providing opportunities to all players from first kicks right through to our senior teams.  Whether you are to play socially or at a more advanced level, everyone has the right to enjoy the beautiful game we call football.

‘’Every Member Matters’’ We are in this together from players, volunteers, coaches, referees and committee members. We want to provide a safe, inclusive community environment where everyone can belong, where everyone lends a helping hand and where every member, old or new is welcome. One Club, One Community.

Papamoa Football Club wants to develop players who stay in the game and grow to love the game using the 4 pillars - Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social elements to help players both young and old to develop more than just their football skills. This will help players develop fundamental skills such as decision making, teamwork and self-esteem. Players will also learn how to be adaptable in different game situations, playing positions and will develop their ability to utilise both feet.

Our club values player development. We encourage positive attitudes and growth mindsets throughout our junior programmes.  We ignite the desire to learn with the help of qualified coaches who embrace ‘’The Papamoa Way’’. 

Papamoa Football Club  aims to provide two pathways for our players;

1.  An advanced pathway

2.  A community pathway, which is in line with our motto ‘’Every Player Matters’’

The “Papamoa Way” is symbolised by our crest.  The ‘Sun’ represents the strength and positive influence we can have within our community as a club. The ‘Sea’ represents the challenges we face together as a club and a community, navigating to a safer inclusive environment. The ‘Sand’ represents time, our time as a club as we mark 25 years as a footballing family.

One Club. One Community.

Kotahi te whānau, Kotahi te Kāhui